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Everything we have been doing for over 40 years has always been based upon our singular vision. To create live communication that is as powerful and functional as it is beautiful and intuitive.

The dedication to hear our customer’s needs, made us evolve from an advertising company to a multi-disciplined creative agency. Through intensive interaction with our customers we are always looking for the perfect symbiosis of storytelling, engagement and presentation.

Above all we have a serious soft spot for committed relationships. The kind where we get to work together on total brand expression ranging from product brochures up to large scale trade fair stands.

We believe it so hard; we created an agency to do it!

Seit über 40 Jahren verfolgen wir eine Vision. Unser Kreativ-Team verbindet spannende Produkte mit individuellen, intelligenten Werbekonzepten und kreiert so kraftvolle, multimediale Lösungen.

Durch intensiven Austausch mit unseren Kunden sind wir zu einer multimedialen Kreativagentur gewachsen, immer auf der Suche nach der perfekten Symbiose aus Identität und Individualität.

Dabei legen wir Wert auf vertrauenvolles Teamwork, das zu einem überzeugenden Ergebnis führt – von der klassischen Broschüre bis zum High-Tech-Messestand.

Unsere Vision ist unser Ziel – 365 Tage im Jahr!

  • besta, Stationery
  • DesleeClama, Interzum
    DesleeClama, Interzum
  • DesleeClama, Interzum
  • Corporate Identity
    Dr. Picker und Kollegen, Corporate Identity
  • Corporate Identity
  • Synthon, CPhI Madrid
    Synthon, CPhI Madrid
  • Synthon, CPhI Madrid
  • Pfizer CenterOne, CPhI Barcelona
    Pfizer CenterOne, CPhI Barcelona
  • Pfizer CenterOne, CPhI Barcelona
  • GATHER Industrie, Digital
    GATHER Industrie, Digital
  • GATHER Industrie, Mobile Trade Show
    GATHER Industrie, Mobile Trade Show
  • GATHER Industrie, Stationery
    GATHER Industrie, Stationery
  • Laservision, LASER Munich
    Laservision, LASER Munich
  • Virtual Booth
  • Virtual Showroom
    Laservision, Virtual Showroom
  • HydraFacial, Merchandise
    HydraFacial, Merchandise
  • Moscot, MIDO Milan
    Moscot, MIDO Milan
  • Moscot, MIDO Milan
  • radprax, Flyer
    radprax, Flyer

One-stop-design realization of exhibitions, exhibits, contemporary interiors, product display design, customized project management, catering services, hostess services, audiovisual equipment, lead generation services, corporate design, advertising campaigns, brochures, direct mailing, annual reports, advertising, brochures, web design, leaflets, roll-ups, virtual booth tours, virtual product presentation, digital events, webinars, recorded presentations, digital training sessions, customers content transformation, virtual tradeshow design, augmented product presentation and many more…

besta beginning


the beginning

besta exhibition and design agency
is founded by Ulrich Stammel.
Initially specialized in advertising
and graphic design, he then expands
into exhibition and retail design.

First booth design for Schnicks


our first booth

First booth design for Schnicks,
a production company of windows,
doors, and blinds.

Visuelle Kommunikation



Advertising and communication
for great clients like Pirelli, Marlboro,
BASF & Interpack.



long lasting

Since the beginning we are specialized
in graphics and identity, products and packaging. Our portfolio spans many industries and clients of every size.

Full-Service Agentur


the expansion

Expanding our warehouse space
up to 2000m² in Krefeld, Germany.
From here we load our trailers to
reach destinations around the world.

Corporate Design


corporate events

Our expertise involves the concept
and design of immersive brand experiences.
As an expert of spatial communication,
we create unique and successful encounters
between people and brands. 

Managing team


a warm welcome

Proud to have Eric join our team,
as additional managing director.
Driven along by new wind, he
brings dynamic, creativity and
innovation from the Netherlands.



global presence

Creating an award winning concept
for a long lasting customer, which helped
reduce there CO footprint by high level of
reusable and scalable elements all over
the globe.

Managing team


ready for the future

In 2021 we are looking for new
opportunities that challenge our
traditional thinking. Our best
future projects are the ones that
teach us the most. We’re ready
for our beloved customers and 
friends to join us on this journey.  

We don’t count the days, we let the days count.

Projects go to plan when they are professionally managed. You will be served by a team of interdisciplinary all-stars handpicked and programmed to represent your brand in every medium. Our team is big enough to make an impact and small enough to pay attention to the smallest detail. It’s all about communication.

It starts with proper phase-planning and continues with timely updates, keeping costs transparent and delivering a project on time and within budget. All with the focus on applied creativity, which brings practical and evolved projects.

We create better together with you through learning and refinement.

Zuverlässigkeit und Flexibilität sind unser Motto.

Wir arbeiten zusammen – in engem Dialog mit unseren Kunden – von der Planung bis zum erlebbaren Produkt. Kreativ, mit den neuesten Skills, bieten wir immer die besten Lösungen. Gemeinsam erzielen wir Wirkung, gleichzeitig schenken wir jedem noch so kleinen Detail die größte Aufmerksamkeit.

Bei jedem Arbeitsschritt ist der Kunde ein wichtiger Teil des Teams, ob bei Meetings, Projekt-Updates oder der transparenten Kostenübersicht. Unser Ziel ist eine professionelle, kreative Beratung um Ihre persönlichen Vorstellungen zu realisieren.

Wir garantieren Ihnen ein überzeugendes Ergebnis, professionell und effizient – gemeinsam kreieren wir Ihren Erfolg!

Ulrich Stammel

Ulrich Stammel

Managing Director
Eric Meulenberg

Eric Meulenberg

Managing Director
Lisa Schweidtmann

Lisa Schweidtmann

Executive Assistant
Fiona Gather-Stammel

Fiona Gather-Stammel

Project Manager
Ulrike Baum

Ulrike Baum

Stefanie Suhre

Stefanie Suhre

Katja Buchholz

Katja Buchholz

Jessica Erling

Jessica Erling


besta Werbeagentur & Messebau GmbH

Alleestraße 21
42781 Haan, Germany

T +49 (0)2129 37 59 – 0
F +49 (0)2129 37 59 – 9

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